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Don’t Shoot What it Looks Like, Shoot What It Feels Like

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New Name! From Gene Marie Photography to Gene Cuvier


Thank you for being a client and a fan of my work! I wanted to make sure to update you. I will no longer be going by Gene Marie Photography. I will be going by my full name Gene Cuvier.

Facebook has already been changed as well as other accounts. My website will be updated in the future. So please enjoy the transition!

Thank you,

Gene Cuvier


It’s here! D.I.Y. Summer Sessions!

DIY Summer Sessions are something I try to do every year. This is the first year I am promoting and giving it a name.


It’s quite simple! You book your session! We pick a look. You go home, plan it out and rehearse. Day of photo session, you deck yourself out, style your hair, put on your bling, show up for your session, pose and we capture you for 30-60 minutes.


I designed this session for those who have difficulty affording a professional photographer for great photographs. This session eliminates large costs such as, studio time, styling, hairstylists and makeup artists. You can do it all on your own and let me capture what you created.

Email me at

Creatives: Casting Call: Models, MUA’s and Hairstylists


I had a fantastic weekend, visiting Hamilton, Ontario. I never like the city, but I discovered an incredible world there and now I know why a good amount of artists, head out here.

Having discovered the gorgeous layout of specific areas in Hamilton, Ontario. I am looking to shoot in the Hamilton area this Spring and Summer.

I am looking for a team to collaborate with to turn a group of series I have planned into photographs.


I am looking for male and female models who are looking to create or add to their portfolio. Your aspiration must be to become a model, this isn’t for those looking to model for ‘fun.’