Photo of the Night: Took a stroll through high park.

Hopped on the bus and then the subway. Had to check out a new neighborhood. So much foot traffic. Even a warm atmosphere at night.

In Transit

I have to say I enjoy just taking photographs when I happen to have my camera. I caught a cold, and I was so upset. But Mr. K. Cornwall is always fun to hang out with as he only complains a little, when I am snapping his photograph all the time. He likes being documented, as long as I share the jpegs of course. It’s funny as I consider him an upcoming Toronto celebrity, had a little fun with it. And in fun of paparazzi pictures, and airport fashion! Check out Cornwall’s Transit Fashion

Great thing about the underground, it always heads back up top. Which allows me to enjoy the progressive but dramatic dark to light.

The shoes!

Everyone needs a nice leather travel bag and a pair of broken in jeans when it comes to travel.

He’s adorable. Had to get his hat. He’s been a fan of the bears since he was a kid, I remember! Had a jacket and everything. I dig the hat a little more!

I think he was a little surprised I was enjoying just snapping photographs of him on the platform. I loved the colors though. His shirt contrasted with the dark blue of his jeans.

Hello Cornwall…aw so cute!

Be inspired by the Photographer not just their Photographs


Everytime I see footage of L. Kim walking around with his camera, he reminds me of myself. Which is partially because I can’t follow myself around with a camera and I’ve never followed another photographer around and just watched them work. But the other part is because he has my  perspective as an artist.

He is at the age of 21…when I was 21 I was forcing my artistic brain to think like a science nerd in university. So it’s great to see someone at his age, doing what he loves to do. I tend to drool over his equipment as well…and repeat how he talks about doing what you love. The importance of loving what you do and inspiring others to do the same.

I thought I would make a brief post of the photographer and instead of being inspired by the photos of a photographer, it is quite essential to find a photographer you can view as a person. And be inspired by them as an individual…as an enttity born from the mother art form of photography.

With that said, this is a .gif from L. Kim’s interview…

Q: What do photos mean to L?

A: ”First of all, if I speak most generally, they’re memories. The things I experience now, I leave them as memories. Originally I thought that way. Photos are leaving behind memories. I thought like that at first, but lately the thoughts that come to me are that even though they’re memories of course, while I take pictures, day by day, I think I see my confidence grow a bit… a day passes, a month passes, as [time] continues to pass by more and more, when I take pictures, I feel like I always become more “me.”

Credit: -

Credit for bottom photo of L. Kim…unknown.



I had planned to do a bohemian punk…which ended up turning more into a bohemian gypsy style, with daring bold colors, and it was fine!  It worked out beautifully.

I wanted to celebrate juvenesence. Just being who we are when we are young, our beauty, living our lives, taking in the beauty, standing in the sun being artists.

Jessica was a young, bright 16 at the time and the

theme suited her quite well. Her dreams are fresh and everything is happening for the first time. I wanted to do this series as when we are young we take for granted those years of being so young and having dreams.

As we age we lose that perspective and we’re forced and demanded to throw it away. But it’s important to stick to what you dream.



Just capture it at the start. The warm up and relax the atmosphere. Lighting: Natural. Reflector. No Flash.


The fun behind this shot is that Jessica is laying on a fountain, a pretty one in a park, water below us, I stood over her, the ledge was not large enough for the both of us lol. It took some tip toeing and balancing to get this shot. It took a few shots as well, got the tip of my shoe in a few of them lol! Thank goodness for digital. Lighting: Partly cloudy day with built in flash. ( I hate the built ins, but if you use it right, sometimes it truly compliments your photograph).


This was shot on the second day. It was cloudy and usually I would complain…but I love the lighting. So soft and calming.  I have been dying to get a shot right there, I love the way the trees look like an entrance into somewhere dreamy.  It suits the thoughts for this image, just remember that while you are young and have your ability to breathe and experience the greatness of life, which is in the little things…take a hold of it, reach for something. Lighting: Natural. Partly Cloudy. Reflector. No flash.

Lux’ – “While we have oceans…rivers that still bring us life. Reasons to dance in the moment. Hold onto your time.” – Jamie Swoon ‘Spirits’


Truthfully I wanted to shoot this due to the blowing bushes at the right and the wide pavement, I loved the contrast of the cloudy skies, murky green water and the pink cobble stone. I thought this is perfect. She leaned to the left as I asked and it was as if she became a part of the wind. Let your heart go where the wind takes it. Be true to yourself, make sure to have something pure in your life. Lighting: Natural. Cloudy. No flash.

“Let your heart go where the wind takes it.”


Although this shot has nothing ‘bright’ or ‘light’ like the quote I partnered with it. This one is more of the lines and her weight placement. The energy of the pose, the energy of dance running through her. We’ve all lived life with our struggles–hung onto those moments that don’t make any sense. Held our hearts when it aches. We can easily lose our footing and find a darkness in ourselves. Life is tough. It sucks. But there can be great moments, you can be a great moment. Find yourself, hold on to it, and shine bright. Lighting: Natural. Cloudy. No flash.

“In your heart let there be light. Let it shine bright.” – Gene Cuvier


Dive right into the classics. The arabesque. It’s one of the first things you learn in gymnastics and in dance. Elegance, it is needed in life. Learn the basics and you can fly in life. Live your dreams. I always wanted to shoot right here, with the stones, and it seemed so simple, so I went with the classic arabesque for a pose here, beautifully executed by the model. Lighting: Natural. Cloudy day, without flash.

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance…” – Friedrich Nietzsche


I bought flowers for the shoot, and it suited her tone perfectly. The soft light hitting her face as she sat under the tree. It was the perfect moment. As we age, we lose the wonder that captivates us in our younger ages. The best thing to do is to hold onto it and never let go, as we are our purest in our youth. Stay true to who you are. Lighting: natural, in shade, with reflector balancing on my leg.

“Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.” – Friedrich von Schiller

And that’s it… hope you enjoyed! Keep true…

Equipment used : Medium reflector, Nikon D1300, 18-55mm

- Gene Cuvier

Actors & Fashion: Channing Tatum


Outside of fashion and photography, I also am an aspiring director/writer, so I tend to love everything film, including actors. As I discussed in my last article, I mentioned James Franco. However, I have along list of other actors and actresses that catch my eye with fashion. Channing Tatum is one of them. I have enjoyed watching him progressively rise as a star and talent, and even more so as he now has his own production company (my dream). Which means control for us artists as we get to be in what we want, make it how we want it, and just go for it, knowing we call the shots because we’re the money.

I’ve always been a fan, I still am, I am waiting for that ‘moment,’ and the project that digs deep into Tatum. It’s that moment actors have where they are able to be challenged and pushed in a role they surprise you, carry you into the world of the story and maybe even surprise themselves. In turn leading them even higher in their career. Now if you’ve kept up with his work, you know he is in the film titled The Vow, now it’s another ‘chick flick’ as they call it, eek. Not a fan of those. But I’ll follow Tatum almost anywhere, as you can always count on him for a fantastic performance, and rocking something fantastic on set. The main point, the film was beautiful, visually fantastic, and I truly appreciated Tatum’s wardrobe choices, whoever make those decisions, I’ll have to click through the credits. However, he looked fantastic. he was cloaked in..drum roll..what I love on men, those heavy, thick rough textures. He had on a grey knitted sweater, with large buttons at one time. Another he had on a cream colored sweater, similar to the one posted below. I think I like the other one better. I am without pictures, forgive me. But the film is not on DVD just yet. I’ll come back and post of course.


He was recently interviewed for Details magazine, and was on the cover for a second time for this months mag. A great interview which you can link to below and a nice shot of him in another knit sweater. A hot look for men.

Sweater by Etro, at Etro, New York. Jeans by Gucci, at select Gucci stores

Photographer: Norman Jean Roy

This green jacket by Woolrich John Rich. I love it. The color suits him well and I dig the look for guys. That knitted sweater, those blues have me yearning to see Tatum in a full on blue knit. Hmm… Jacket by Woolrich John Rich. Sweater by Jil Sander. Necklace and ring, his own.
Details Mag: Channing Tatum
Sweater by Bally. Jeans by Gucci. Ring, his own.

Details Mag: Channing Tatum

Oh and a nice behind the scenes video of the shoot: